About the Blogger

Hi, I’m Patty! I’m a teacher turned stay-at-home mom who loves the Lord, my husband, Matthew, and son, Solomon. I love being a mother and wife, teaching, devouring delicious dishes, saving money, and continually creating an intentional, Christ-focused dwelling place for my family.

About Glorious Within Her

I’ve been working with young children since I was in high school (elementary school if you count my time spent as a safety guard in fourth and fifth grade). I’ve worked in daycare settings and both public and private elementary schools.  I spent the last three years working as a teacher at a private Christian school. I learned so much from this experience.  I was continually inspired to see God working in the hearts and minds of the students entrusted to us.

Then on Christmas Eve 2015 our beloved baby boy came into this world and changed our lives forever. When I looked at my sweet baby, I knew I wanted to be home with him. Financially, this seemed impossible due to enormous student loan debt and the purchase of a home. Yet as my husband and I prayed about it we felt that somehow God was going to make it work. Let me tell you, He has provided abundantly. God is ALWAYS faithful.

About the Blog

Before I finished the school year, I could already begin to sense the Lord calling me to something radically different than I had ever done before. I could feel He was telling me to do something new, some sort of business or creative venture. But I didn’t know what. Then I felt led to start a blog. And now I’m here with you fine people!

I wanted to start a blog that would glorify God and encourage women. There are so many of us out there who are lost. Hurt. Wounded. Insecure. Bitter. Whatever it is that you’re fighting or struggling against- you are not alone!

This is why Glorious Within Her exists. I want to see women living out the fullness of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and love in every area of their lives. I want for each woman to realize she is glorious within her.

But that’s not all. I deeply desire that each of us would allow every area of our lives to be saturated with that gloriousness that God has imparted to us. I pray that glory would not just dwell in our hearts but also our homes. That our very dwellings would be permeated with His glory!

And so I invite you to stay for a while. May Glorious Within Her encourage you, inspire you, bless you, and help you to see you are glorious within…