Human Coalition & 8 Great Resources for Pro-Lifers

Human Coalition & 8 Great Resources for Pro-LifersHuman Coalition is one of my favorite Pro-Life organizations! As of late, I’ve been sharing with you about the immeasurable worth of life. I’ve also posted on what actions you can take as a Pro-Lifer. Today I want to empower you by sharing more about Human Coalition, an organization that can help you make a tangible difference in the fight for life. This organization is on the ground across the nation acting as the hands and feet of Christ. They provide life-affirming counsel to abortion determined women, men, and families, and express the love of God to those at a crossroads.

Who is Human Coalition?

Human Coalition, formerly known as Online for Life, is a compassionate, Pro-Life organization founded to rescue children and serve families. Their goal is to see the end of abortion as we know it and to transform the world’s pro-death culture.

They started as an online business and in a few short years have turned into a brick and mortar organization with life-affirming pregnancy care clinics in various locations across the nation.  They accept donations that are used to fund these clinics and provide for the needs of those families considering abortion. In addition, they partner with churches to empower believers to fight for life through knowledge and prayer.

Human Coalition is one of my favorite Pro-Life organizations because their approach touches on so many aspects of the issue of life and they enable Pro-Lifers to truly make a difference in our current cultural climate. And if that wasn’t enough, their website is jam packed with awesome features to empower you to fight for life!

  1. Mobile Prayer App

This amazing app provides real time updates of actual prayer needs across the country enabling you to pray more specifically in the fight for life. When you click “IMPACT”, it tells you the number of lives saved. Check out some of the features of the app below.Human Coalition Prayer App

To check out the app, click here.

  1. Donation Opportunities

Human Coalition’s website provides multiple avenues to donate to the work of Human Coalition. Save a Child Button

When you visit their page, click on the orange button labeled “Save a Child” in the top, right corner. Doing so will take you to a page where you can make donations of various amounts.

For $50 you can help 13 abortion determined women see Human Coalition’s message.

For $100 you can help 5 abortion determined women contact one of Human Coalition’s life-affirming agencies.

Give $265 and you can help save one baby from abortion!

And while $265 might seem like a lot. If you consider the eternal purpose and plan of the life at stake it really is an invaluable investment with immeasurable eternal impact!

  1. Strong Social Media PresenceHuman Coalition Facebook

One of the reasons I have chosen to align with Human Coalition is because they have a strong internet presence. And with that they also have a strong presence on social media.

Why does this matter? First, liking Human Coalition on Facebook or following them on Twitter is a fast, simple way to show solidarity with Pro-Lifers that costs no money and little time. Secondly, it puts tons of Pro-Life info, updates, memes, etc. in front of you so you canHuman Coalition Twitter share them on your social media and spread the news about this crucial cause.

Human Coalition also uses twitter to update you when a baby is rescued. This is a really exciting, encouraging aspect of their social media presence. It’s always beautiful to see another saved life!

  1. Informative Blog

Human Coalition has a blog. On it you will find articles discussing various topics within the Pro-Life community. There have been a series of posts on various arguments for life. In addition there has been a series on racism and the role it plays in abortion.

Reading the blog is a great way to educate yourself. It can help you prepare to discuss the issue of abortion with others and strongly defend your Pro-Life views.

Books to Encourage You in Your Walk!
  1. Free Resources to Equip You to Defend Life

On the Human Coalition website there are videos and articles available. You can use these to educate yourself as well as to share with others. Again, this aids you in defending your viewpoints and deepens your understanding of this impacting issue. Check it out here!

  1. True Stories of Babies Saved

Right when you land on the home page, when you scroll down, you find a whole bunch of photos of babies with brightly colored letters spelling their names. It truly is a beautiful sight to behold. All of those pictures represent just a small sampling of the lives God saved through Human Coalition.

When you click on each picture it takes Human Coalition Saved Babiesyou to a page with that child’s story on it. Furthermore, you will find the photo of the baby with a number. These numbers tell you which of the over 5,200 saved lives you are reading about. Additionally, you will find a short story about the mother’s situation and how Human Coalition was able to encourage and support that mother so that she could choose life.

And as I have looked through a handful or so of these stories, I noticed a theme that is super important for Pro-Lifers to pick up on. These women, men, and families are going through difficulties. And each time it is compassionate, non-judgmental, life affirming encouragement that helps them choose life. So uplifting and empowering!

  1. Featured Short Films hcshortfilms2

The Human Coalition website also has a section of featured short films. Some of these films tell the stories of women and families whose lives have been impacted by choosing life in various ways. I highly recommend you check out these encouraging short films.

  1. Live Counter of Saved Lives

The Human Coalition website offers a real-time count of saved lives. As I write this there have been over 5,210 babies saved. Human Coalition Counter

When you are exploring the website, you can see this count increase. In addition, their twitter feed runs across the bottom of the home page where you can see posts on which baby was saved in which city.

Praise God for the lives He is saving, the families He is rescuing, and the work He is doing through this awesome organization!

Are you looking for a way to make a tangible impact to save lives and rescue families? Human Coalition makes it possible! Through Human Coalition you can make a priceless contribution to the cause of saving the pre-born! Donate today! Like Human Coalition on Facebook or follow Human Coalition on twitter!

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