5 Mothers of the Bible Who Will Inspire You

Christian blog post on 5 mothers of the Bible and wha they teach us about being women and mothers today!
Motherhood is a precious gift. It looks different in each and every woman’s life. And while our maternal relationships and parenting styles may all be unique, there are truths provided in God’s Word, shared through the stories of precious mothers within the Scriptures, that we all can apply to our own lives.

In fact, I believe that some of God’s most beautiful and precious truths are those He choose to reveal through the women of the Bible.

While you may be familiar with some of these don’t neglect the inspiration and seeds of hope that their sweet stories afford. Stories of hope and redemption. Stories of life. Stories of encouragement.

Eve- The Mother of All Living

When we first look at Eve’s story, it’s often tempting to want to look away. Our minds usually go to the thought of sin, Eve’s famously being the first.

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And while it’s tempting to consider her the mother of all sin, she’s actually the mother of all living. That’s the description the Bible gives of her. And that’s definitely not something to gloss over.

So what can we learn from Eve? In Eve we see a mother who shares something in common with all other mothers, the gift of life. Despite her faults, Eve, at least in some sense, gave us the gift of life.

Eve was the first mother from which all future mothers would come. God chose Eve to be positioned at the dawn of creation knowing her faults and yet knowing He would equip her to be the first mother on earth.

Eve also shares with all other mothers the ability to sin, mess up, and fall short of God’s standard. Now this may seem like a bleak point, but I would beg you to consider otherwise. Consider it an instant reminder that all mother’s make mistakes. None of us are perfect.

And yet God made a promise that He would redeem her. And for those of us in Christ, that promise is kept until this very day. Praise God for His lovingkindness and grace for mothers.

Hannah- The Prayerful Mother

Like Eve, Hannah’s story starts somewhat bleakly. The Bible tells us she is married to a man who has another wife, Penninah. Penninah provokes and antagonizes Hannah who has had no children (1 Samuel 1:6)

Hannah deeply desired children. She grieved over the fact that she was childless. But, she also prayed to God. Hannah was a woman of great faith, brave enough to be genuine with her feelings and still hopeful enough to make her requests known to God.

Furthermore, she boldly dedicates the child she so deeply longs for right back to the Lord she makes her requests known too.

And God answered the prayer of her heart, blessing her with not only a child, but a son.

The lessons for us as wives and mothers is twofold: we are to bring every desire of our heart before the Lord in truth, honesty, and humility and then we are to dedicate those desires of our hearts right back to the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

Ruth- The Redeemed Mother

Ruth’s story is drenched in redemption. In short, Ruth is a woman whose husband has passed. After deciding to abandon her former way of life to follow the God of Israel and remain loyal to her mother-in-law, Naomi, she returns to Bethlehem. While there, God grants her favor with a kind man, Boaz, who eventually acts as a kinsman redeemer. Boaz marries Ruth and they have a son, Obed.

It’s this child who brings new life and joy to those around him. The Bible describes this blessed baby boy as one who will restore life and nourish Naomi’s old age (Ruth 4:15).

It is also important to note that this precious baby, this sweet newborn that will bring restoration to Ruth and Naomi goes on to have a son named Jesse. Jesse fathered King David. And further down in the ancestral line, we even see the Name above all Names, Jesus who is a descendant of Obed’s.

God is a faithful God. He sees the difficulties and heartbreaks we as mothers face. And while sometimes it may be difficult to remember that He cares, we can most certainly be assured that He cares deeply and is working all things together for our good.

He has ordained every one of our days, just as He did for Ruth. And furthermore, He is preparing us and our little one’s for the great things He has willed for our lives.

Just as Obed was a special child with a place in the ancestral line of our Savior, Jesus, our children are intricately placed in our family tree so we as mothers can guide, prepare, and help spur them on to every last good deed the Lord has prepared for them.

Elisabeth- The Encouraged Mother

Elisabeth was a much older woman when God sent an angel to tell her husband, whose lot was cast to work in the temple, that his wife would bear him a son. Zachariah hardly believed it! And so because of his lack of faith, the angel told him he would be unable to talk for a period of time.

Despite her husband’s lack of faith, Elisabeth conceived just as the angel had said.

Elisabeth’s cousin, Mary, the mother of Jesus, comes to visit Elisabeth. Both women are with child at the time. Elisabeth rejoices at Mary’s arrival and speaks a blessing over her saying, “Blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.”

Mothers and women everywhere can learn an important lesson from Elisabeth. She encouraged others because she was herself encouraged. Elisabeth didn’t get caught up in her child’s calling as compared to Mary’s.

Instead, Elisabeth recognized how blessed she was by God, and so she was eager to speak blessing and encouragement to others around her.

I pray it would be so for all mothers, wives, and woman in this day and age. I pray that we would so clearly recognize and see the great blessing of our Lord around us. So much so that we refuse to come into agreement with jealousy. Rather, may we freely encourage and bless other women around us.

Mary- The Chosen Mother

Mary has a special role in Biblical history. She was chosen by God to be the mother of the Savior of the World.

When God decided to come to earth from heaven, when He decided to humble Himself to the most dramatically defenseless form of an infant, He selected Mary to be the one who would carry Him and care for Him.

Mary held within her womb the most precious treasure the world would ever see or know. She was given the most essential role of training God man into a man of God. It’s difficult to even wrap our minds around.

What does Jesus teach us through Mary? Mothers are essential to the human experience. They are there for us when we are at our most defenseless. They share their bodies with us to give us life in the womb and then share their hearts with us day in and day out as they care for and train up the next generation.

In fact, Mothers are so important and so near and dear to the very heart of God that God Himself believed it best to come to earth in the form of a helpless babe in the arms of a young, humble new mother. It’s astonishing and humbling to glimpse the heart God has for mothers.

Godly Motherhood Today

It is easy to assume that the great wonders God worked in each of these women’s lives was a unique blessing to them. But the Word of God says that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God wants you to be hopeful and encouraged. He longs for you to rest in the assurance of your redemption and to know you were chosen by Him to be the mother of those you were entrusted with.

He has called you. He has and will continue to equip you. And His heart for you is absolutely passionate. Be at peace as you operate in accordance with His will carrying the great call of motherhood.

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    I just COULD NOT love this more! Thanks so much for your insights on these mothers of the Bible. I especially love what you have to say about Eve, the mother of all living, who made mistakes. I think she does not get the admiration she deserves. 🙂

    • Pattyg109 says:

      Yes, we often don’t consider all of the positive things we can learn from Eve. So thankful you appreciated this post and took the time to share your thoughts!

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