10 Ways to Be a More Efficient Blogger

10 Ways to be a More Efficient Blogger*This post may contain affiliate links. Your purchase helps support this blog.*

Have you ever wanted to become a more efficient blogger? The kind of blogger who accomplished tons of tasks in smaller pockets of time? The kind of blogger who is not just on top of the to-do list, but ahead of the to-do list? Below you will find various ways you can become a more efficient blogger!

  1. Know God’s Word

Knowing God’s Word helps you to be a more efficient blogger. For example, I find that it is easier to know what to write about when I have been in the Word. Reading the Bible keeps the Word fresh in my heart and mind, making it easier to share what God is showing me. Staying in the Word keeps me a vessel to transmit the knowledge He gives me to others who are seeking Him.

Books to Encourage You in Your Walk!

It’s true there are other ways to hear from God as well. You can read about them here. But there is something special about fresh manna directly form the Bible.

I find I write the best blog posts when I have found something new and intriguing in the Word to share. Furthermore, when God shows me something new and interesting it excites me. And as a result I find I often write faster, making the writing process go by at a much quicker pace. I would go so far as to say that at times, if I am in the Word, it’s as if the Holy Spirit is writing the posts through me. So empowering!

  1. Pray

I’ve said it before in my post on 12 Ways to Be a More Efficient Homemaker and I’ll say it again: prayer changes things. Before you set about your work, pray. Thank Him for all He has done and all He will do. And be sure to lay the requests of your heart before Him before you go about your blogging work.

  1. Establish a Routine

Having a routine truly allows one to maximize efficiency. If you have a routine, you will know what to expect when you set about your blogging for the day. For example, if you always start by working on posts or updating posts, you know to always start at the same place each day.

Without routine established, it is easy to get distracted. I talked about the challenges of this in my post on 3 Keys to Being Intentional With Your Time as a Christian Blogger.

  1. Make a ChecklistBlog Checklist Thumb

Checklists also help guide us and keep us organized. I have mentioned this tip in other posts, but it truly helps efficiency in so many areas. First off, I get my entire list on paper in front of me.

Then I can get to completing the tasks one by one. As I do each one I check it off. As I’ve mentioned before, checking off the items gives a sense of accomplishment. It allows you to see all you have done and encourages you to keep on working. This also helps you keep your focus on each task at hand, making it harder to get distracted.

You can download a free daily blogging checklist here.

  1. Use Resources

As a new blogger, I’ve seen time and time again that there are so many resources made available to us. Bloggers will sometimes offer free resource libraries. For example, there are tons of free Bible Study Resources.

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  1. Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distractions can make all the difference in your blogging. Social media can take you completely off track without caution. I find that I blog more efficiently and intentionally when Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other tabs are closed. When those tabs aren’t open, I can’t get distracted by them.

I do the same thing with computer programs and anything else I know could be a distraction from my blogging. I truly recommend you close the tabs and programs you won’t need so that you can blog unhindered by the temptation these things present.

  1. Stay Focused

The same way we need to be intentional to not get distracted, we need to be intentional to stay focused. Make the choice before you set about your work to stay on task and focus on that individual task.

This means you shouldn’t think about what kind of pasta to make for supper when you know you need to write the end of the blog post you started the other day. Whatever it is you are working on, stay on that task. With dedication you will get more done.

  1. Work Quickly

Working quickly can help you get a lot done. I’ve said before that this can not always be the best way to maximize your efficiency, it can certainly help from time to time.

On occasion, when it is the right thing, work quickly. If you have a way to save information so that it will be readily available to you later on, save it. Anything you can do to need less time to accomplish the same task, do it!

  1. Find What Works

What works for one blogger may not work for your blog. Each blog is different, and rightly so. Diversity in the body helps us reach the world! It’s a gift from God! So find what works for you and stick with it. Don’t copy the formulas of others if they don’t align with your blog. It will waste your time and diminish your efficiency.

  1. Set Time Limits

Another healthy way to maximize efficiency is to set time limits.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t complete a task in the time limit you set. But be thankful for the how the speed you picked up helped you to accomplish more than you would have otherwise.

The key to being efficient is to seek the Lord first always (Matthew 6:33). As you seek His will in all you do He will show you which path to take (Proverbs 3:5-6). He will show you what steps to take to honor and serve Him. I pray that some of these tips will help you along that path. May God bless your service to Him! May He be glorified in the calling He has placed on your life!

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  1. Amanda Sylvester says:


    I love that you mentioned setting time limits for yourself, because it is often so easy to get lost in a blogging task and spend way more time than planned. Thank you for your encouragement about being in the Word and in prayer as well.


    • Pattyg109 says:


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about setting time limits. It definitely is an important part of being efficient!

      God bless you,

  2. welcomeheart says:

    thanks, patty – I wan’t able to view your daily blogging checklist that was highlighted – said I needed a password. any thoughts?

    • Pattyg109 says:

      Yes, the daily blogging checklist is in the Glorious Within Her Free Resource Library. You get the password to the library when you subscribe to Glorious Within Her. You can do so by using the bar at the top of the page or the sidebar. Thanks for visiting, Sue!

      God bless,

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